Joy-ography Workshop Testimonials

Before attending the Joy-ography Workshop I was frustrated that despite my basic knowledge of f-stops, shutter speeds and the like, my photos still didn't turn out as I wanted. The occasional good shots I got were due more to luck than skill. My camera exasperated me, intimidated me even.

Then I got to go to this great workshop. I left inspired, exhilarated, CONFIDENT. I learned how to work with ISO settings to control exposure. This has greatly improved my ability to take indoor shots using existing light without relying on the camera's auto-flash. I also learned specific manual settings for action shots and portraits, among many more useful tips.

Perhaps the best part of the workshop was the chance to take pictures of a real family, and then to receive feedback on my shots. All this in one highly enjoyable day.

Before Joy-ography I felt like my camera was the photographer. Now I am. And I tell you, that's much more fun.

Thanks again for all that you taught me.  I've had a lot of comments on my photography since the workshop and all the credit should defiantly go to the Joy-ography workshop.  I have also had a few requests to take family photos and did my first unofficial photo shoot with a friend over at Gardner Village a few weeks ago.
I can not say enough good things about my experience with Joyography!  In a short time I learned how to control my camera and get the photos I want.  Before Joyography I had little knowledge of how my camera worked and was at the mercy of the automatic settings.  Marisa made it easy to learn how to manipulate the camera and make it work so that I love the end result.  Before the workshop I felt like my photos never reflected reality--they always seemed gray, dark, and muted. My photos now show colors and light the the way that I see them.  Thanks to Joyography I am now able to take photographs that capture the stories I want to tell.


"I feel like I learned sooooo much in such a short amount of time and I am so much happier with my pictures now.  I even went out and bought the 50 mm fixed lens that you recommended and I love it!  You were able to make the camera seem simple and usable, when it always seemed intimidating before.  Photography used to be frustrating in the past because my pictures never turned out!  Now photography is fun, because I can capture what I really see, and how my kids really look.  Here are few pictures to show my improvement.  (I'm sure you'll be able to tell which is before and which is after!)"

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