Freeman Family

This family was an absolute delight to photograph. Just look at this picture, these kids love each other! And the entire family is beautiful. They were all so polite and well behaved as well. And the dad still smiled even after I accidentally made him sit in a huge red ant hill. Shortly after they all got a good laugh as a snake crossed my path and I flailed about and screamed at the top of my lungs.

Step back ladies, this cutie is going on a 2 year mission! 


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haylie said...

how funny--i found your blog! do you remember me? my husband and i ran into you at the star mill when you did this shoot. i was trying to remember your name and then i saw that you commented on suzanne r's blog and it brought me here. sorry--really i'm not a freakazoid, it's just that your name frequently comes up when i talk to people around our stake and they know i'm a photographer and bla bla bla.
anyway, i just wanted to say hi and that i love your work--super awesome!